Pizza Columbia South Carolina

Pizza Columbia South Carolina

When Was the Last Time You Had Pizza in Columbia South Carolina

If you are an average American with average tastes, you will nosh down around 6,000 slices of pizza over the course of your lifetime. Some will be thin crust; some will be Chicago style. You may even eat pizza in Columbia South Carolina. Such is the assessment of the trivia brains over at Mental Floss magazine. Here are a few more weird and fascinating facts about everyone's favorite Italian finger food:

1. The word “pizza” derives from ancient Latin. Historians note the first appearance of the word was found in a Latin text that was written in southern Italy in 997 CE.

2. The Three Musketeers author, Alexandre Dumas, toured Naples in 1835 where he made a note of the fact that poorer Neapolitan people dined on watermelon during the summer months but ate nothing but pizza during wintertime.

3. America's original pizza joint was Lombardi’s in New York City. Before they started selling delicious 'za in 1905, Lombardi's was a neighborhood grocery store.

4. Until the mid 20th century, a pizza was considered food fit only for working-class Italian immigrants. In the wake of World War II, American soldiers came home from Europe with a hankering for pizza. It wasn't long after that that people started to clamor for hot pizza in Columbia South Carolina and other parts of the nation.

5. The first four American cities where a person could purchase pizza pie were New York, Trenton, New Haven and Boston.

6. Originally, pizzas were always sold whole, not by the slice. That all changed in 1933 when Patsy's Pizzeria in New York City started selling single slices. Soon after that, other pizzerias jumped on the single slice bandwagon.

7. Domino's used to guarantee “30 minutes or less” delivery time. In 1993, the franchise pizzeria changed that promise after numerous lawsuits were filed against the company for unsafe driving practices.

8. The first deep-dish Chicago style pizza was invented in 1943 by the man who later went on to found the popular Pizzeria Uno restaurant chain.

9. Domino’s dropped its “30 minutes or less” guarantee in 1993 after a series of lawsuits accused the company of promoting unsafe driving. In some parts of the world, however, the 30-minute guarantee still stands.

10. 1962 saw the first frozen pizza on supermarket shelves. Frozen pizza reportedly tasted like cardboard until food wiz Rose Totino devised her own recipe.

11. Hawaiian pizza was invented by a Greek man who ran a pizza joint in Canada.

12. In other countries, pizza topping is not what Americans might expect. In Brazil, green peas are preferred. In France, fried eggs often appear atop a pizza pie. In China, some people decorate their pizza with hot dog slices.

13. In 1974, a talking computer ordered a pizza at the Artificial Language Laboratory at Michigan State University.

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