Lunch Specials Columbia SC

Lunch Specials Columbia SC

Today's Lunch Specials in Columbia SC

Did you find this page while looking for today's lunch specials in Columbia SC? Today must be your lucky day. Welcome to the online home of Schiano's Old Time Pizza Restaurant in Columbia. Here you can peruse an extensive lunch menu that's chock-full of flavorful dishes that range from light fare to substantial meals, all at mid-day special prices.

How much do you know about pasta?

Many of our lunch specials in Columbia SC feature pasta in various forms. We think you might be surprised by some of the little-known facts about this tasty Italian treat.

  • First fact. Pasta comes to us from China, not Italy. Yes, everyone thinks that pasta originated in the land of wonderful sauces, but that's not the case at all. Archaeologists have uncovered evidence showing that people ate noodles in China as long ago as 5,000 BCE.

  • Legend says that noted Asian explorer Marco Polo brought noodles home to Europe in the 12th century and introduced pasta to Italy. This might not be totally true, either. More recent evidence shows that Etruscan chefs were making rudimentary pasta of smashed grain and water as far back as 500 BCE.
  • Pasta and tomato sauce is not as classic as you think. By the time a Spanish explorer and plunderer named Cortez brought a boatload of tomatoes from Mexico to Europe in 1519, people had been eating pasta without red sauce for a very long time. It certainly didn't take long for Italian gardeners to plant tomato seeds, and the rest is, as they say, culinary history.

  • President Thomas Jefferson can be credited with bringing the first pasta to the United States back in 1789.

  • The International Pasta Association says that there are 600 different shapes of pasta. Every nationality has some sort of pasta or another, it seems. How many pasta shapes can you think of right now?

  • It stands to reason that Italians consume more pasta per capita than any other population on the planet. Guess who's number two? It's not who you might think. After Italy, the countries that consume the most pasta are Venezuela and Tunisia, in that order, explains The Food Network.

  • Eating pasta makes you happier. Really. We wouldn't say it if scientists didn't say it first. When you eat pasta-based lunch specials in Columbia SC, your brain naturally releases a powerful burst of a feel-good hormone called serotonin. It's the carbs in pasta that do this wonderful thing.

  • Not all pastas work with all sauces. Linguine, fettuccine, and other long, flat pasta work wonderfully with creamy alfredo sauces. Short, tubular shapes such as fusilli and spiral-shaped rotini are ideal for serving with chunky tomato sauces.

Has all this talk about pasta given you an appetite? Good. Now's the right time to call 803-788-7808 and place your order for today's lunch specials in Columbia SC. Our casual Italian restaurant is conveniently located at 10120 Two Notch Road.

Lunch Specials Columbia SC
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