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Depression Magic Mushrooms Cure

Depression Magic Mushrooms Cure

Depressive conditions are challenging to treat. That is because some types of depression are resistant to treatment. Also, most patients find themselves dealing with unwanted side effects that come with the existing therapies. Emotional blunting is a common side effect caused by most antidepressants. Thanks to magic mushrooms, people battling with depression can now get treatment without experiencing any side effects.

At Psiloscience, we use both scientific and natural methods to effectively treat patients struggling with depression. Our depression magic mushrooms cure is an effective treatment for mental health issues ranging from postpartum depression to anxiety disorders.  We provide our patients with natural medication vessels that are produced organically with natural non-GMO ingredients.

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Mushroom is a fungus that grows from a spore, mainly on decaying plant materials. Some varieties of mushrooms contain various nutrients and vitamins and are mostly used to add earthy and meaty flavors to foods. However, mushrooms such as magic mushrooms, shrooms, psilocybin, and psychedelic mushrooms are known for more than just the taste; they cause changes in perception, mood, and behavior.

Mushrooms belonging to the genus Psilocybe are the true magic mushrooms. Psilocybe mushrooms contain psychotropic, tryptamines, psilocin, and psilocybin, and they cause hallucinations. Magic mushrooms are cost-effective recreational psychotropic drugs since they are either found in the wild or grown inexpensively.

What is the Right Dosage for Magic Mushrooms?

The intensity and dosage of magic mushrooms are determined by species, where it was grown, and how it was handled. The psilocybin content of magic mushrooms deteriorates on drying, and therefore, you will need to ingest more to compensate. Magic mushrooms have varying effects on people.

Beginners should take at most one gram of dried magic mushroom and wait for at least half an hour to decide if they should add more based on the effect they experience. Magic mushrooms do not taste that good. That said, some people prefer to chew them while still fresh or dried. If you decide to chew the mushrooms, you can use fruits such as strawberries to neutralize the flavor. You can even make a smoothie if you dislike the taste and texture of the magic mushrooms. However, be sure not to overcook the mushrooms as they will have a weaker effect due to the breaking down of psilocybin.

Other Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

From managing alcohol addiction to treating depression, researchers say there are many potential benefits associated with magic mushrooms. Psilocybin treatment can be used in the following ways:

  • Treating Psychological Stress in Cancer Patients

Magic mushrooms can be used to treat overwhelming existential anxiety in people who have been diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer. Psilocybin doses help to improve the quality of life and reduce depression and anxiety in people struggling with the life-threatening disease.

  • Treating Smoking Cessation

Psilocybin therapies can help people abstain from smoking and abusing other substances such as cocaine and alcohol.

Where to Get Medical Magic Mushrooms

Use our microdosing liquid psilocybin to put an end to your mental health problems. At Psiloscience, you will get depression magic mushrooms cure affordably. For inquiries, email us at

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